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Declining Stomach Acid Production As One Ages; An Obvious Case Of Medical Suppression

The average person loses close to half of their stomach acid production between 40 and 60. This is scientific fact.

I fall below average, for I have lost nearly all of my stomach acid production, something I have known since 2010 or even well before this (I was taking HCL regularly in 2002).

I took 100 650 mg. capsules of HCL with pepsin today, which represented the whole bottle.

This is the third time I have done this in the past three months with no ill effect (the other two bottles had 90 tablets of the same).

It is unheard of to take an amount such as this, to the best of my knowledge.

Yet I know I could have taken and used more.

I make almost no stomach acid it seems.

Food I eat just sits there for days, especially the hard to digest stuff such as meat.

I don’t get any heartburn at all because I am not making any stomach acid at all.

Back in the early 90′s I used to get heartburn all the time, and regularly carried Tums or similar.

At this point my stomach acid production was failing, but had not yet failed completely.

Chronic heartburn is a universal sign of low acid production. You think you have too much stomach acid, but actually you have too little to get the job done.

Without stomach acid, mineral absorption is greatly impaired, as is other nutrient absorption as well.

I can tell that I still have undigested food in my stomach, despite taking 100 650 mg. HCL capsules in the past five hours or so. (HCL with pepsin is “stomach acid in a capsule or tablet”.)

I also took some magnesium today. I know I am real deficient in this key mineral.

These were my two choices in a health food store today. $40 bucks total or close.

I am finally starting to take care of myself a bit, on my limited budget.

Dr. Sherry Rogers book “No More Heartburn” is a must read for everyone. It exposes the maltreatment of low acid production and the health problems it causes. Dr. Jonathan Wright also wrote a book a stomach acid, which I have not read yet, but I am sure is quite good, based on my respect for him as a doctor, and the 4.5 stars Amazon.com gave this book based on 113 customer reviews. “No More Heartburn” can be purchased on Amazon.com as well. Anyone that reads these two books should justifiably lose all faith in modern medicine, IMHO.

A drug like Prilosec to treat heartburn shuts off stomach acid entirely, which in turn causes all kinds of health problems down the road from a lack of mineral absorption, etc.

In fraudulently treating the symptom, one’s health problems are made worse in a sneaky way. This is the essence of what acid reflux drugs such as Prilosec are all about.

Big Pharma does not want to make people better–> it wants to make them sicker, and profit from this, while it lies about the Truth the entire time. Dr. Rogers and Dr. Wright and many other alternative doctors know this, but our Federal Government ignores everything that they are saying.

Health should come first, before money, of course. However, this attitude will never be broken unless discoveries such as mine, Bob Beck’s, Sherry Rogers, Robert Erdmann’s, and Bernard Jensen’s (and more of course) are not ignored or government suppressed.

Incidentally, this key deficiency (a lack of stomach acid) is greatly responsible for the aging process, for it greatly impairs digestive efficiency, protein breakdown and mineral absorption.

Our Federal Government wants people to work all of their life, retire and die the next day, so they can save on Social Security disbursements.

The Federal Government is highly motivated to suppress the facts in regard to the natural decline in stomach acid production, and the fact that almost everyone should supplement with stomach acid as one ages.

If these facts were known, hundreds of millions of people might easily live five or ten years longer, at a cost of hundreds of billions of Social Security dollars.

Big Pharma and conventional medicine want people to take six months to die for a medical cost of $250,000 to $500,000 or so.

The U.S. Government and Big Pharma do not care about people. It is all about the money.

Health should come first, but end of life health care should be reasonable and affordable by society as well.

We fail in a big way on both fronts, until the “big and inevitable crash of the dollar” comes of course.

What will come after the crash which seems to be coming in the next 5 years or even the next two or three?

I wonder.

I also wonder how this obviousness of healthcare costs bankrupting the U.S. continues to be so officially and publicly ignored, while doctors are held in such high esteem by so many.

Those at the top of Big Pharma that are bankrupting the U.S. certainly know “the medical math” that “spells doom for America”.

Yet they continue to do what they are doing, only even more so.

These facts, and this obvious case of ignoring a natural decline in stomach acid production as one ages (which is only one amongst many other obvious cases of ignoring scientific facts in medicine) certainly smell like some sort of conspiracy to me.

Big Pharma’s roots are in Nazi Germany.

It does not take a rocket scientist to connect the dots here.

Are we that stupid to be fooled by all those brainwashing drug ads on TV?

I guess that “all too often we are”.

Allen D