A Testimonial to Dr. Sherry Rogers (6-2-2009)

A Testimonial to Dr. Sherry Rogers (6-2-2009)


Posted on June 2, 2009

Dear Fellow Americans:

The written body of work of Sherry Rogers, M.D. helped me more than any other alternative medical author. From her books I learned a great deal about the human body in both a conceptual and “self-healing usable” sense.

From Dr. Rogers I also learned a great deal about my gut, and how to fix it when it did not work well.

Dr. Rogers insight into problematic gut issues and how to resolve them can primarily be found in two of her books. One of these books is titled “Depression – Cured At Last!”, and the other is titled “No More Heartburn”. I consider both of these books “must read books” if a person suffers from ANY mental illness whatsoever.

Sherry Rogers 8R program of gut correction applies to ALL mental illnesses. Indeed, it is some of the best conceptual insight in regard what needs to be done to correct a problematic gut.

Always remember THE CARDINAL RULE when treating any mental illness. This rule is “Forget about dealing with the brain directly when dealing with ANY mental illness. The brain is only a secondary target organ to primary “gut events”. Correct your gut problems, your diet, and your pre-existing nutrient deficiencies (with supplementation)… and your brain problems will resolve all on their own.”

I offer myself as an example here. My problematic gut, which was seriously malabsorptive due to all of the problems that it had, was THE ROOT CAUSE of over thirty years of serious bipolar symptoms in myself. (Second to this root cause was chronic toxicity from candida and other intestinal dysbiois issues.)

I had a number of problematic gut issues for decades until I learned from Sherry Rogers (and other authors) how to resolve these problems in myself. Some of these problematic issues were: (1) longstanding candida overgrowth, (2) longstanding “bad bacterial” overgrowth, (3) chronic over-exposure to hidden food allergens, (3) chronic constipation (which results in high bowel and body toxicity), (4) an inadequate supply of digestive enzymes in which to digest food properly, and a lack of adequate stomach acid production in which to digest food properly. I also had a strong tendency to not drink enough water. (“Enough water” is critical to proper gut function as well.)

In addition to all of the above, for decades I did not recognize the importance of “walking enough” on a daily basis in regard to the health of my gut. (We humans were made to walk. If we sit too much, our guts really struggle in regard to functioning well.)

The only critical areas that Dr. Rogers lacks expertise in are: (1) the need for “an adequate therapeutic daily dose” of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and broad based free form amino acids until the gut is adequately healed (such that it is not too toxic and it functions very well), and (2) how to use free form amino acids therapeutically (in conjunction with other nutrients) to readily resolve “mental illness symptoms” prior to one’s gut being fully healed.

[For knowledge regarding the use of free form amino acids, I had to find books written by other persons, such as Robert Erdmann’s “The Amino Revolution”, Dr. Priscilla Slagle’s “The Way Up From Down”, or James and Phyllis Balch’s “Prescription For Nutritional Healing”. I also had “to learn this knowledge by myself”. Taking over 150,000 capsules of individual or blended free form amino acid capsules since 1997 taught me a great deal.]

Despite the above-mentioned gaps in her knowledge, I cannot recommend Dr. Rogers books enough to anyone that seeks to heal his or her self from a myriad of illnesses, both physical and mental. Sherry Rogers written work is a goldmine for persons that seek to cure themselves of virtually ANY illness.

All of Dr. Rogers written work can be found on http://prestigepublishing.com/

Allen Darman



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